Free massage

Get your first massage at Escape for free

    Free first massage

    Would you like to try a massage in our salon first and test the beneficial effects of Thai treatments on your own skin? We offer new customers a free 30-minute massage of their choice.

    Sign up and experience the magic of traditional Thai dry massages or take a chance on relaxing oil treatments.

    All massages are performed by experienced Thai and Filipino therapists who have received professional training at prestigious schools right in Southeast Asia. Massages are guided by traditional and time-tested procedures. Thanks to them, you can enjoy authentic Thai massages in the very heart of Prague.

    How do I get a free first massage?

    Simply register using the form on this page. By filling in your contact details you confirm your interest in a free first massage. We will then contact you by phone to select a suitable type and date of treatment.

    Terms of the first massage for free

    • New customers who have not yet visited Escape Thai Massage can get their first massage for free.
    • Each person may only use one 30-minute massage for free.
    • The offer is valid for 7 calendar days from registration.
    • After that, the offer expires.
    • Registration is only valid for 1 selected date. If you do not come to the salon, it is not possible to book a free massage again. After entering the salon, you will be asked at the reception to prove your identity with a valid document.
    • By registering, you give permission for Escape Thai Massage to contact you (by email, SMS, phone or other means) for marketing purposes or as part of a customer satisfaction survey.