A stress-relieving head and neck massage promoting emotional calmness and soothing mental strain.

Do you often feel irritated or suffer from headaches or fatigue? Try a head and neck massage. Therapists focus on relieving tension in the cervical s¨pine area, improving neck flexibility, and releasing stiff muscles. With gentle and slow movements, they also massage the neck and scalp. A gentle facial muscle massage contributes to dispelling negative emotions.


  • Anti-stress massage helps with headaches, ringing in the ears, eye strain, or sleep problems. It is particularly appreciated by individuals with sedentary and mentally demanding jobs.
  • During the massage, the nervous system is stimulated. The procedure contributes to the proper functioning of both brain hemispheres and better concentration.
  • Long-term stress leads to tightening and stiffening of facial muscles. Massaging these muscles releases accumulated tension and softens facial expression.
  • Stimulating blood flow to the hair roots during scalp massage promotes hair growth and improves the condition of the scalp.
  • According to Ayurvedic teachings, head and neck massage can replace a full-body massage. It activates acupressure points that influence overall body condition.

Obecné informace

  • Before the massage, simply undress to the waist. For increased comfort, you can also undergo the procedure in underwear.
  • Head and neck massage is done without oil. Based on therapist recommendations or your preference, massage balm can be used.
  • During the massage, you will alternate between sitting and lying on your stomach.
  • You can adjust the massage intensity with therapists using the SOFT (request for a gentler massage) and STRONG (request for a stronger massage) cues.
  • Before leaving the salon, you can let the massage settle in the reception area with a cup of warm herbal tea.
Length Price
30 min CZK 890
60 min CZK 1,390
90 min CZK 1,890


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