30 min 60 min 90 min 120 min
Royal Thai - CZK 1390 CZK 1890 CZK 2390

Traditional Thai massage, which incorporates pressure and stretching techniques without the use of oil, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Thai Oil - CZK 1490 CZK 1990 CZK 2490

The tranquility of a Thai massage enhanced by the use of natural, fragrance-free argan oil for a deeply relaxing experience.

Aroma Relax - CZK 1590 CZK 2090 CZK 2590

Unwind with a relaxing Thai massage customized with your preferred selection of essential oils.

Couple's Relaxing Massage - CZK 2890 CZK 3590 CZK 4290

A romantic escape for two with the option of a traditional Thai massage or an aroma massage, ideal for sharing moments of tranquility together.

Coconut Glow - CZK 1690 CZK 2190 CZK 2690

Experience the perfect fusion of a calming Thai massage with the pure essence of virgin coconut oil.

Slimming Therapy - CZK 1690 CZK 2190 CZK 2690

Get ready for bikini season with our slimming massage oil infused with maderotherapy elements.

Cannabis Dream - CZK 1690 CZK 2190 CZK 2690

A serene Thai massage with use of pure Hemp oil, ideal for pampering and revitalizing all skin types.

Tranquility Ritual - CZK 1790 CZK 2290 CZK 2790

A serene ritual with the gentle essence of lotus flower and peach, promoting unparalleled relaxation for body and mind.

Deep Muscle Recovery - CZK 1590 CZK 2090 CZK 2590

A focused sports massage for deep muscle recovery after intense activity, promoting optimal rejuvenation.

Pregnancy - CZK 1590 CZK 2090 -

A soothing massage for expectant mothers using natural, fragrance-free argan oil.

Hot Stones - - CZK 1990 CZK 2490

Experience a unique hot stone massage for enhanced relief in problematic areas.

Thai Herbal Heat - CZK 1590 CZK 2090 CZK 2590

A unique Thai therapy with hot herbal compresses for a truly distinctive treatment.

Anti-stress CZK 890 CZK 1390 CZK 1890 -

A stress-relieving head and neck massage promoting emotional calmness and soothing mental strain.

Hands & Palms CZK 890 CZK 1390 CZK 1890 -

A rejuvenating hand, palm, and finger massage focusing on key reflex points for ultimate relaxation and well-being.

Back Pain Relief CZK 990 CZK 1490 CZK 1990 -

Relieve pain from a sedentary lifestyle with our targeted back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Foot Awake CZK 890 CZK 1390 CZK 1890 -

Experience bliss for your feet – the perfect massage for those on their feet all day.