Coconut Glow

Experience the perfect fusion of a calming Thai massage with the pure essence of virgin coconut oil.

Discover the beneficial effects of virgin coconut oil. Your skin will remain velvety smooth, supple, and hydrated after a full-body relaxation massage. The oil is rich in antioxidants, which prevent premature aging of the skin. The gentle exotic scent of coconut enhances the relaxing massage experience.


  • Virgin coconut oil moisturizes the skin, keeps it hydrated, and prevents drying out. It is also well tolerated by sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
  • In summer, coconut oil contributes to the regeneration of the skin after sunbathing. During the winter months, it soothes skin irritation caused by the cold.
  • The antioxidants in coconut oil slow down skin aging, have anti-inflammatory properties, and boost the body’s defenses.
  • Coconut oil serves as an excellent prevention against the formation of stretch marks. It also aids in scar healing and closure.
  • The gentle scent of coconut has a positive effect on your senses and, combined with the relaxing environment and soothing music, contributes to creating a feeling of harmony.

General Information

  • During the massage, you lie naked or in underwear on the bed. Intimate areas are covered with a prepared towel.
  • Upon request, we can provide disposable underwear, or you can remain in your own underwear. However, there is a risk of soiling the laundry during the massage.
  • You can adjust the massage intensity with therapists using the SOFT (request for a gentler massage) and STRONG (request for a stronger massage) cues.
  • After the massage, we recommend skipping the shower. Allowing more time for the coconut oil to be absorbed enhances its effects. Excess oil can be wiped off with a towel.
  • Before leaving the salon, you can let the massage settle and relax with a cup of warm herbal tea in the reception area.
Length Price
60 min CZK 1,690
90 min CZK 2,190
120 min CZK 2,690


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