Discounted credits

Regular rest pays off for you and your wallet

Paying with credit saves you money. The more credit you top up, the higher your discount will be.

For every credit payment, we’ll give you 10% back to your Escape VIP account.

You choose who can use your credits and can share them with friends and family.

More relaxation for less money?

Join our loyal customers and take advantage of discounted credit packages. The more you relax, the more you save.

Credit Credit

How to get preferential credit?

In person at the reception: You can top up the credit at any time at the reception of our salon. You can pay by card or in cash.
By purchasing a gift voucher online: On our website, you choose a gift voucher in the amount of the selected credit package and pay online. After receiving the voucher, send us the number and PIN code of the certificate to e-mail and we will increase your credit.
Using the QR code: In your bank’s mobile banking, you simply scan the QR code of the selected credit package and confirm the bank transfer. Then send us a confirmation of payment to and we will increase the credit on your account. Please also include your full name or Escape VIP account information in the email. All banks operating in the Czech Republic allow payment via QR code.

  • you pay CZK 10,000 → you get CZK 12,000 (20% extra)
  • you pay CZK 20,000 → you get CZK 25,000 (25% extra)
Credit Credit
Credit Credit

Use of credit

  • You can share credit with other people. You choose who can use it. You can adjust access to credit, for example, using a password or monthly limits.
  • You can book a credit massage in person at the salon reception, by phone or in the online booking system.
  • When paying for the procedure, please inform us that the payment will be made via credit.