About Us

Experience original Thai massages in Prague. Escape will provide you with an escape from everyday stress

The story of the Escape salon

Our mission is to bring traditional Thai massages and unique relaxation rituals to the heart of Prague to provide people with an escape from everyday stress and tension. With this vision, we founded a unique salon in the center of Prague, which we aptly named Escape. We focus on traditional Thai massages and special rituals combining aromatherapy with facial procedures.

A Thai island in the middle of Europe

Our story began in 2017 when we visited Thailand for the first time while traveling the world. Our love for this country was so strong that we ended up spending several years there. During that time, we penetrated the secrets of the local culture and completely fell in love with Thai massage.

But disappointment awaited us after we returned to the Czech Republic. We wanted to treat ourselves to the same quality massages we received in Thailand, but we came across rather strange procedures that were nothing like Thai massage. That’s why we decided to change this state of affairs and build Escape.

Combining tradition and service quality

In the salon, we stick to traditional and proven procedures. During our massages, we use natural oils with extracts from herbs and spices that have been used in Asia for relaxation since ancient times.

You are cared for by native Thai therapists who received professional education in prestigious schools directly in Thailand. They have many years of experience and regularly improve their skills through professional training.

We combine traditional Asian procedures with a high standard of service. We rely on a clean environment, a personal approach, and the professionalism of our therapists. We approach each procedure with maximum responsibility.

Come see for yourself. We look forward to your visit.

Vladimir and Krystof, founders of the Escape salon

Why choose Escape?

Experienced masseuses with professional education from Thailand

Natural skin-friendly products

A unique, relaxing atmosphere and top service