A soothing massage for expectant mothers using natural, fragrance-free argan oil.

Gentle, relaxing massage aimed at alleviating the usual problems of expectant mothers. Female therapists focus on overloaded areas of the back, hips and swelling of the lower limbs. Massage helps reduce stress and tension and induces a sense of harmony. The procedure’s beneficial effects also have a positive impact on the baby.


  • Relaxation pregnancy therapy helps with headaches, feelings of nausea or sleep problems.
  • Prenatal massage improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. The baby also responds positively to the expectant mother’s calming and relaxation.
  • You can rest on your side or your back. Some operations can also take place while sitting.
  • In order to completely prevent unwanted reactions from expectant mothers, we use natural, fragrance-free argan oil during the massage.
  • The procedure is suitable from the third month of pregnancy until delivery. Massages are not recommended in the first trimester or during high-risk pregnancies.

General information

  • During the massage, you will lie on the bed in your underwear or naked (recommended for maximum comfort). Women are advised to remove their bras for greater comfort. Cover your private parts with a provided towel.
  • Disposable underwear is available, or you can stay in your own. Please bear in mind that there is a risk of soiling your clothes due to the use of oils. 
  • When you are ready to start the massage, lie on your side and wait for the masseuse to arrive.
  • The massage is very gentle, but you can adjust the intensity at any time using the password SOFT (for a gentler massage) or STRONG (for a stronger massage).
  • Afterwards, relax in the reception area with a cup of herbal tea.
Length Price
60 min CZK 1,590
90 min CZK 2,090


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