Slimming Therapy

Get ready for bikini season with our slimming massage oil infused with maderotherapy elements.

The Bikini Body relaxation massage will prepare your body for the beach season. The slimming oil with extracts of orange and cinnamon promotes skin circulation, stimulates fat breakdown, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Smoothing and firming the skin will be enhanced by the massage with wooden tools, known as maderotherapy.


  • During the massage, we use natural argan oil with vitamin E, orange, and cinnamon oil.
  • Cinnamon essence contributes to local skin warming and vasodilation, promoting fat tissue breakdown.
  • Maderotherapy is an ancient massage technique that took its current form in the 1990s in Colombia. It utilizes wooden tools of various sizes and shapes according to the needs of specific body parts.
  • Positive effects of maderotherapy include lymphatic system stimulation, skin smoothing, and cellulite reduction.
  • Therapists apply pressure during maderotherapy, focusing mainly on problematic areas, typically thighs, buttocks, or arms.

General Information

  • During the massage, you lie naked or in underwear on the bed. Intimate areas are covered with a prepared towel.
  • Upon request, we can provide disposable underwear, or you can remain in your own underwear. However, there is a risk of soiling the laundry during the massage.
  • You can adjust the massage intensity with therapists using the SOFT (request for a gentler massage) and STRONG (request for a stronger massage) cues.
  • Beneficial oils need time to be absorbed. Therefore, we recommend skipping the shower after the massage. Excess oil can be wiped off with a towel.
  • Before leaving the salon, you can let the massage settle and relax with a cup of warm herbal tea in the reception area.
Length Price
60 min CZK 1,690
90 min CZK 2,190
120 min CZK 2,690


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