Thai massage in Prague

Why should you experience Thai massage in Prague?

Today’s busy world is highly demanding. In order to cope with our daily tasks while staying healthy, we need to give the body proper rest. Thai massages represent a traditional and time-proven relaxation method. They help reduce muscle tension, unblock stress and relax the body and mind.

Experience original Thai massages in Prague. Escape will provide you with a retreat from your worries in the heart of Old Town. Our therapists have gained professional knowledge and rich experience directly in Thailand. The menu offers traditional Thai massages as well as special rituals combining aromatherapy massage with facials.

What types of massages do we offer?

Traditional Thai massage

The basis of traditional Thai massage is the compression of pressure points. The therapist focuses on 10 of your body’s energy paths (dreams). There will also be elements of yoga and stretching. The massage takes place over loose clothing and has a regenerative effect on your entire body.

Oil massage

This is milder than traditional Thai massage, with less pressure. The masseuse focuses on alleviating your muscle tension using natural oils. Oil massage produces a relaxing effect and overall calming of the body. The pleasant aroma of the oils will delight your olfactory senses.

Escape rituals

These unique procedures will leave you feeling beautiful and healthy from head to toe. They include facial massage, skin treatment, aromatherapy full-body massage and foot massage. These rituals have calming, rejuvenating or slimming effects.

Targeted massages

Massages focused on a specific part of the body. For people with a sedentary job, there is a back and neck massage as well as a foot massage to relieve tired legs. We also offer special facial massages that are associated with facial treatments, and they are not just for women.

Extend your escape from the busy world

After your massage or ritual, you can rest for as long as you wish. We recommend you rest for at least a few minutes, during which you let the experience settle in.

Before stepping into the center of Prague, enjoy a cup of herbal tea in the salon, free of charge. You can also treat yourself to a small snack.

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Let yourself be pampered with natural products

During the massages, we use only gentle natural products on your skin. Our aromatherapy oils are plant-based and suitable even for sensitive skin. The absence of parabens, artificial dyes and other chemicals minimizes the risk of allergic reactions. In addition, the natural composition of the products contributes to restoring the natural balance of the body and mind.

Benefits of Thai massage

Full-body relaxation

Thai massage works with the whole body. Stretching and applying pressure to targeted areas of the body are integral to the massage. The goal is to open the energy pathways from the feet to the top of the head.

Reduces muscle tension

Thai massage is effective in relieving muscle pain and tension. The yoga elements relieve muscle stiffness, increase the range of motion and support the body's overall flexibility.

Excretion of toxins

Thanks to the stimulation of blood circulation and the opening of energy pathways, toxins are eliminated during Thai massage. Harmful substances are released from muscles, joints and tissues.

Stress relief

Thai massage is an effective method of combating stress. This has been demonstrated by studies monitoring the levels of stress markers in saliva immediately after a massage.

Induces well-being and happiness

While stress hormones decrease during a Thai massage, the body produces more serotonin and dopamine, the so-called happiness hormones. That's why you leave the massage with a smile on your face.

Relaxes the mind

A relaxing environment, soothing music and the scent of essential oils contribute to unwinding and producing a sense of harmony. Everyday worries will quickly melt away during a Thai massage.

Who is Thai massage suitable for?

Thai massage is suitable for anyone who wants to relax their body and mind. In a period of mental tension, it will help to establish peace and harmony. Massage helps fight stress, anxiety or insomnia.

The procedure is beneficial for problems caused by poor posture or a sedentary lifestyle. Thai massage is also enjoyed by athletes looking for relief for tired muscles.

Our massages

Original Thai massages in Prague

Our masseuses received professional education and rich therapy experience directly in Thailand. They also have certifications from the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Our therapists have many years of experience and regularly improve their skills through professional training. We are therefore able to guarantee first-class quality for every massage.

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The easiest way to book a Thai massage is directly on our website. In the reservation system, you will see available dates and choose the type and length of the massage. You can also make a reservation by phone. We are at your disposal at +420 734 331 444.

For optimal relaxation on your first visit, we recommend a 90-minute procedure. An ideal choice to start with is Aroma Relax or any of our rituals.

Before your first massage, we recommend arriving at the salon approximately 15-20 minutes early. The therapists will discuss your preferences and general state of health with you. You will then be led to a bed where you will have privacy to change out of your clothes and shower if necessary.

The next step varies depending on the procedure chosen. For example, a traditional Thai massage is performed over loose clothing (a shirt and three-quarter pants), which we will prepare for you before the massage. During an oil massage, you will lie on the bed in your underwear or naked (recommended for maximum comfort). Women are advised to remove their bras for greater comfort. Disposable underwear is available, or you can stay in your own. Please bear in mind that there is a risk of soiling your clothes due to the use of oils.

After undressing, cover your private parts with a towel, lie down on the bed and wait for the masseuse to arrive. Relax and focus on proper breathing. You can adjust the massage’s intensity with the therapist using the password SOFT (for a gentler massage) or STRONG (for a stronger massage).

Beneficial oils need time to be absorbed. Therefore, we recommend that you skip the shower after oil massages. You can wipe off the excess oil with a towel.

The massage does not require any complicated preparation. Ideally, you should arrive at the salon 15 minutes before the massage so that you have enough time to change your clothes and shower if necessary.

We recommend not eating for about an hour before the massage. Of course, you should also skip alcohol. On the day of the massage, you should drink at least half a liter of fluids more than usual.

To get the maximum benefits of Thai massage, we recommend visiting the salon once a week. If your schedule doesn’t allow it, try to book a massage at least once a month.

If you have a cold or nausea, we recommend you postpone your massage. In case of long-term health problems, consult a doctor about the suitability of massage.

Yes. Massages are not age-restricted. Therapists will always adapt the procedure and intensity to a specific person. Less invasive procedures, such as oil massages, are usually more suitable for children and older adults.

Our salon is located in the very center of Prague, on Elišky Krásnohorské street, in the Josefov district. In the immediate vicinity (about 200 meters from the salon), you will find the tram and bus stop for the Faculty of Law.

Escape Spa Massage
Elišky Krásnohorská 133/11
110 00 Prague 1 – Josefov
Czech Republic
GPS: 50.0905736N, 14.4195211E

Phone: +420 734 331 444

You can park your car, for example, in the underground garages of the Rudolfinum. The garages are about a six-minute walk from the salon. The alternative is Parking Palladium. You can reach us on foot from the garage under the shopping center in approximately 10 minutes.

When booking online, you will be directed to a secure payment gateway where you can pay for the massage by card. In addition to cards, we also accept cash at the reception.

Experience the magic of relaxation

Give yourself the gift of rest

Do you want to relieve your loved one of stress and tension? Delight them with a gift voucher to our salon. Vouchers are packed in elegant envelopes. We will deliver them anywhere in the Czech Republic.

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